SuperIQ Services include

  • Transaction Cash Account
  • Pension EFTPOS Cards to enable you to draw money from your pension account anywhere in the world via tellers and EFTPOS services (including debit Visa facilities)
  • Term Deposits from 24 differing sources – electronically linked together to allow you to transfer online from one to another
  • Online Broking Service
  • Rebalancing facilities enabling you at a click of a button, to alter your portfolio to suit the way you want it
  • Audit and Actuarial Services
  • Deed provision and updates to ensure the SMSF complies with all current and future legislation – peace of mind
  • Online reporting and asset monitoring
  • Tax and BAS work (as part of the administration service)
  • Monitoring contribution limits and alerts to let you know when you're getting close
  • Pension monitoring to make sure you meet your minimum requirements
  • Trustee Education facilities – monthly technical updates, podcasts, webinars that you can participate in along with Trustee events that you are welcome to attend
  • Technical Services to answer questions and help with structuring and strategy needs – face to face, via the web or we are always happy to meet

At the end of the day we are here for you. Our purpose is simply to enable you to see your future clearly.