You choose the SuperIQ Services you need

You can have online Bank Accounts (opened online using GreenID with no need for annoying paperwork).

You can have an online Broking Account and Investment Rebalancing Service that lets you make trades and rebalance your SMSF to suit your desired position, or mirror another position that suits you.

You can have access to a wide range of Term Deposits (again using GreenID) to allow you to move from one institution to another at the push of a button and we’ll notify you 5 days before the Term Deposit expires.

You can receive Research Information as part of our service. This is linked to your administration service which helps bring your investments and your administrator closer together. The more we can provide you with good, timely and intuitive information, the easier it is for you to take control and see your future clearly.

At the end of each financial year, your SMSF will need to lodge an income tax return and a Regulatory return. If you have a corporate Trustee you will also need to pay an annual fee to ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission). Our compliance and audit team can attend to these tasks for you, so that your ongoing and regular administration is not interrupted.

Please note: All SuperIQ Services offered are optional and not compulsory for you to use. But in our experience, these are the services most people find useful, so we offer them to you in a simple, convenient, integrated fashion.